Candy Crush Saga App Reviews

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Love the game. Cant stand the new graphics on the map. Its also killing my battery.

Fast Fun and oh so addicting

Love it

I did this for three free color bombs

I did this for three free color bombs



Another easy King game

I dont see how King makes any money off most of these games anymore, there are so many ways to earn boosters that nobody should ever need to purchase any. I was shocked to have actually landed on Jackpot on my daily spin, its the first time in the three years Ive been spinning it to have actually gotten it. I still wish theyd replace it with a gold bar and have all spaces receive the same probability of being landed on. All in all this is yet another easy game from King if you have patience and dont feel the need to rush through the levels. Ive spent in total about $3 on this game years ago before I had enough friends to unlock the next sets, and this is before there were timers to unlock them for free. Not a bad investment as Im right up at the end levels on this and three other King games on which Ive spent nothing.

Love it

This is the greatest game ever!!!!!!!

Love this game

This game keeps me focused even though I shouldnt be playing it all the time

Momma Deb

I love playing this game. Its addictive!

Its really good

And the best

It okay

Could have more boosters to help with levels.

Candy time

Love it!

Addictive fun

The game is addictively fun.


This game is so addicting! Couldnt have found a better app for my past time!



Candy crush saga

Fun game, shouldnt have to buy piggy banks to get gold earned. Realize you need money to pay developers, dont feel this is the way.

Addictive fun

Love it and come back for updated levels

Its pretty good

Fun time waster


Candy crush great game

Still fun

Love the spaceship boosters!

Very fun

Its fun and worth a download

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