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Losing stars quickly!

This is a fairly fun/frustrating game, but the most frustrating part is when it keeps making me stop playing for the next 23 or 24 minutes!!! Im not spending any money on this app so you can stop already! Im simply going to delete it when Ive had enough of the controlling when I play part!!! Update- so I deleted it for awhile and then later decided to download it again when I got bored. Im still very annoyed that it determines when I can play but I can see it wont matter out of all these reviews. Anyway it doesnt matter because I still dont spend any money on it -and wont because Im very good at recognizing patterns and this game cheats to keep stringing you along. Makes for a very boring game. Not what I consider challenge. ****Update*** So Ive been playing for awhile and enjoying it about the same as always. At level 260 or so and now for the second time it is freezing and going to force me to uninstall and reinstall to fix- this will start it over from level 1! If so I will not be playing it anymore. Time to find a new game to play...

Really love this game

Love this game its so muchfun


Still love this game ??

Mindless and Think-less fun

If you enjoy sitting down and playing a game that requires no skill, strategizing, or thought process; this is your game.

Candy Crush

I love this game?

I love this game

I love candy crush


Im sick of game boards with so few moves (level 1093) that the board has to reshuffle! And they wonder why people quit this game! I OFFICIALLY QUIT THIS GAME! Candy Crush has been deleted from all my devices!

Why did you get rid of weekly progress??

I enjoyed seeing how many levels I have done, along with my friends, why was this removed

Great game except....

It would be awesome if I could get lives when asking for quest.;

Great game

My son loves this game. Great game


Best app on the app store


I love to play this game

Love love love

This is mind numbing fun!!

Love it

Great pass time! Works without wifi great for flights or long rides as a passenger

Candy crush

I love this game but it glitches pretty often and with the new update I no longer receive rewards and boosters, as well as the 2 hours of unlimited lives, which really helped me beat difficult levels. Now Im stuck on difficult levels longer and have less of an incentive to play.


So addicting that I dream about swiping candies at night.

Some levels are TOO hard!

Ive been stuck on level 452 for weeks!! 80 striped candies in 45 moves is almost impossible with the amount of things in the way. Level is entirely based on luck and its taking the fun out of the game. I know some levels have to be hard but this one is borderline frustrating


Fun and addictive!

Candy crush



So addicting

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