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Great game, too much ish going on

The game has so many side hustles going on. Too much going on. Love the game, there arent too many good games you can play offline.

Please change the look

Obsessed with the game but the new look is terrible pls change

Too frustrating

This is suppose to be a game. Fun, not frustrating and pointless.

Not happy about piggy bank issue!

Piggy bank issue... I thought once I earned 30 gold bars I could open the piggy bank,but that didnt happen,it said I could open it or keep collecting gold bars!? Well I kept collecting bars, but to open I have to pay $2.99????!!!!! I thought once I collected a certain amount of bars I would just be able to open the bank,but the cost of 2.99 has always been there! Ive collected 60 bars and it says its full! Im not paying money to open the piggy bank! I dont even know if you open the piggy bank do you get the gold bars???? Ive noticed from the reviews people have been able to collect more bars and theyve also been charged more!


This game is really good!

Great Game

Please please please allow syncing between devices through Game Center. I want to close my Facebook account, but then my game progress on my iPad will be separated from progress on my iPhone. Clash of Clans does this just fine. Other than that, I love this game! Great challenges, fun theme, beautiful design, simple concept. EDIT: Dont think about playing a quick round of Candy Crush as you take a bathroom break at work; there are too many dang pop-up side game daily gifts invite your friends CRAP messages that delay your start to play. Tried today. Forced quite after the third pop up and played another fast-load game instead. Also, still requires a Fb account to sync between devices. Guess Im SOL if something happens to this phone!

Not Playing With New Update

The new update is so annoying it gives me a headache. So bad I dont play anymore. Please switch it back!!

New look is cluttered and obnoxious

I love the game but the new look of the game board is really awful to look at. A million different games and contests on the side blocking the view of the actual board. And now the board is tilted, which, why do that? If it aint broke, dont fix it!

Addicting love it



Fantastic way to waste time.

Hate the new look, it has bugs as well

Hate the new look, it has bugs as well

So much fun!!

Fun. I stopped playing but recently came back and now its even more fun!

Candy crush

Love this game


Addicting and fun

Please Fix This Game :(

I love this game!!! However it just lost a star because the contests and extras keep leaving before the time is up on them. I have to delete and re download the app to get it back! TBH this is getting really annoying. I get to the top of a contest, run out of lives and when I go back to the game theyre gone!! Please fix this!! I followed all the troubleshooting steps to bring the contests back but The only way that I can fix it is by deleting and re-downloading the app. Sadly another star gone. :(

Holy game!

This game is fantastic!!!! Please get it so you can be addicted to this amazing game!!!!!!

I really HATE the new look

It looks exactly like Candy Crush Jelly Saga, the game I deleted from my phone because I didnt like it at all. I dont understand why the original Candy Crush Saga want to look like the game I didnt like at all. PLEASE go back to the original look! I want the original and GREAT Candy Crush Saga look! NOT the rip-off look of Candy Crush Jelly! If I want to play Candy Crush Jelly I wouldve play that game back already. So PLEASE bring back the original design back! Im also getting really tired of the stripped candy contest. Enough of that already! It makes this game much more glitchy. Just stop with all the stripped candy contest and start fixing all the glitches that a lot of us are noticing. Lastly and most importantly, get rid of the piggy bank crap. I REFUSE to pay money for golden bars that I EARNED! It makes NO sense for me and everyone else to do that. This company is already rich enough. Dont get any greedier unless if you want to lose more customers.


I play in my free time, its a good game for all ages, ??

New levels please

Update the game with new levels


Very fun and addicting but a lot of in-app purchases

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