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Love it!

I dont know why I have waited so long to play! love this game! Still love this game! ???????

Fun game

Fun game to play!

Treat Calendar Resets

Update 8/16/17: While the treat calendar seems to work now and does not reset after I open the daily chest, I now have to pay to open the piggy bank? Oink! Greedy pig! Guess Ill kiss those gold bars goodbye. Update 1/15/2017: I removed the game from my older iPad after it kept crashing. I have not downloaded the game to my new iPad, but it is on my phone. It seems to function okay except for one annoying issue. The treat calendar resets itself even though I checked in daily to collect the treats. Its happening fairly frequently.

Used to love playing to pass the time. Not anymore!

Too many pop ups causing game to take forever to load. Hard levels you to to pay to pass. Just do not like it anymore. It was such a great game when it first came out. Please bring back the old version. Have 2 versions so the people that dont like all the sparkles, drop downs, pop ups, and contests can play again.

Sweet Fun

Well done. Stress free game.

Its ok

Its an ok game when your bored not that addictive


Love the challenge...i play it several times a day...and every night before i call it a night! My only negative remark is that I dont think its fair to move a player back to the special islands. If you dont master the level keep me on that island until I make it to the next one.


Cant stop playing

Like it but...

Cant pass level 374!! You have to wait 3 days to get to another level.

The new board is not user friendly

First , you can hardly see the tiny wrapped candy on the board to know what level to play. Second, there is so much junk on the left side of the board, you have to position the levels just right so you can select them. I go back and play easier levels to earn the wrapped candies, and both of these problems make it difficult. Also, it does make me a little dizzy when I scroll through the levels.

Very fun

Its fun and worth a download

Still fun

Love the spaceship boosters!


Candy crush great game

Its pretty good

Fun time waster

get rid the crap on the side

Makes it so difficult to see where you are... or even select the board you want to play. Bring back the old board!!!


And addictive

Bad new look

I have like 5-6 icons on the left, which make it really hard for me to click on the level Im on if its directly underneath one of those icons. Its also hard for me to scroll to my position if I scroll down to do some easy levels to get the power ups. The new look is not very good, it messes with my eyes. Please go back to the old look, no one will judge you if you do!


Havent played in a while. Forgot how fun it was BUT dont like the fact I have to PAY $2.99 to get the piggy bank for the bar I EARNED. SOON WILL WILL QUIT Candy crush AGAIN!!!


Cant stand the new look of the game. Please go back to old one.


So far so good. Had deleted game before but decided to give it another try. Want to know why I have to BUY the gold bars that I have earned.

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